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Water Filter System Price For Beekeeping Farming

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Water Filter System For Beekeeping Farming - Self Cleaning Water Filter for Beekeeping

It is known that the health of a bee family directly depends on collecting high-quality honey. However, worsening of the environment has led to increased numbers of diseases in bees, called Varoatosis (bee tick).  At first this disease leads to a decrease of quality and collection of honey, and then to the death of a bee family.

Scientists of Serus have carried out a complex set of investigations and proved a direct interrelation between the effect of weak magnetic fields and health of bees. Based on these results, a special magnetic device called "Magnetic threshold" was developed and produced. 

Together with a "Magnetic threshold" device, a special magnetic device for magnetization of water for bees can be used to improve bee health and productivity.

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You can use magnetic water for bees by:-

Irrigating grass and various plants where bee families are located, using magnetic water. Irrigate as you usually would. Allocating a small container of magnetic water next to bee houses. While preparing nutritional syrup during winter, prepare it using only magnetic water. Magnetize syrup before giving it to the bees.

Using magnetic water and "Magnetic threshold" device will allow you to improve:-

Recovering of biological orientation of bees when looking for and information about places of collecting honey.

Normalization of bee's body ability to resist Varoatosis.

Increase in working output of bees and larger quantities of honey by up to 25%.

Significant increase in the quality of collected honey

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magnetic nano water filters for beekeeping

Magnetic field further breaks down minerals into smaller particles making them more bio-available to the plant cells. The bottom line results are dramatic: maximum hydration of healthy water with greater uptake of minerals results in greater yields, larger and better end product, earlier maturation, longer shelf life, and healthier plants. It allows a reduction of amount of water needed, fertilizer and pesticides.

Since the magnetic structuring breaks all minerals into smaller particles, salt in the soil is broken down by the structured water, causing it to sink deep into the soil, away from plant roots, and wash away. The desalinization happens quickly over a season, creating much healthier plants, greater yields, and better final product.