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Sea / Salt Water Desalination Plant Cost Water Desalination System Manufacturer & SupplierAutomatic Seawater Desalination Machine | Water Desalination System PriceSELF CLEANING INDUSTRIAL INLINE WATER FILTER: RUSSIAN WATER NANOTECHNOLOGYWater Filter Capacity of 1000 LPH to 300000 LPH✹Silica Removal Filter ✹No Clogging Filter ✹No Cartridge Change ✹Non-Electric Water Filter ✹Anti Scaling Water Filter System ✹Pipe Protection ✹Limescale Removal Device ✹Hard Water Softener ✹Water Conditioner ✹No Chemicals Used ✹Zero MaintenanceSalt Water Filter For Boats - Yachts - Passenger Ship - Cargo Ship - Cruise Ships - Marine & Shipping Industry - Sea Water Desalinization - Convert Seawater To Drinking WaterCost-Effective, Low Maintenance Sea Water Desalination Plant from SERUS LLC RUSSIADesalination Plant DesignWater Desalination SystemSeawater DesalinationSeawater Desalination ProcessBoat DesalinationWater Desalination Sea Water DesalinatorSalt Water Purifier For Boats - Convert Seawater To Drinking WaterSalt Water Purifier For Cargo ShipSalt Water Purifier For Passenger ShipSalt Water Purifier For Cruise ShipsSea Water Filters Suppliers For The Marine & Shipping IndustrySeawater Desalination For Yachts, Ships And MarineWater Treatment For Ships Sea Water Desalinization  Seawater FiltrationOur water desalination installation is designed to produce a centrifugal desalination plant to ensure saturation of the water market and provide the population with quality water.The scarcity of fresh water already now become a world problem. And in Russia for many of its regions providing the population with quality drinking water in sufficient quantity is one of the main problems affecting the social situation. The problem of drinking water supply grows from the sectoral or national to the international one and can be successfully solved only at the federal level. Although water occupies 70% of the world’s surface, only 3% of the total water is freshwater, the share of readily available freshwater is only 2%.Only 1% of the world’s landmass is occupied by freshwater ecosystems. Lack of freshwater will be felt indefinitely, as the technology of obtaining drinking water from the sea (desalination) is very expensive and energy-intensive. It should be noted that most of them are also environmentally hazardous and require the alienation of land. Half of all seawater desalination plants are located in the Persian Gulf region, which do not suffer from deficiencies in fuel. Desalter water desalination , desalination cost  for sea water,  low cost desalinationTechnical descriptionFrequency Technologies are fundamentally new methods of desalination and purification of water streams, which have significant economic, environmental and other advantages over existing traditional methods. This is a purely physical method in which the principle of excitation of liquid molecules in a frequency field is used.As a result of the action on the water streams at the plant outlet, pure water of a given desalination level, salt and solid insoluble slags are obtained. It can be absolutely certain that there are no purification directions where frequency methods are inferior to traditional methods, on the contrary, in addition to desalination of saltwater from marine and oceanic world resources, additional directions for their use can be found (for example, obtaining potable water from highly saline sources, Solid industrial and household waste, destruction of liquid toxic waste, etc.Range of applicationsPreparation of drinking water One of the stages of development is the destruction of the pathogenic microflora. Traditionally, for this purpose chlorination is used by ozonation and other methods. Chlorine itself and organochlorine compounds are harmful to the body. Ozonation is less harmful, but excessive levels of ozone in water are also not desirable. With frequency technology, microflora and other organic impurities are destroyed by electromagnetic fields,strengths, ultra-high temperatures and pressure are created, due to which the level of residual microflora is reduced to zero, and significantly exceeds the parameters of the best traditional methods, including boiling water. In this case, no intermediate compounds are formed. If drinking water uses water with a high level of salts and other inorganic compounds, then with the help of frequency technologies their level is brought to the set standard. The level of contamination with heavy metals and heavy metal salts can be significantly reduced.Creating drainage systems of urban water supply systems.Frequency technologies are suitable for creating nanotechnology in wastewater treatment systems for any city. The level of operating costs for preparing 1m3 of water is much lower than when chlorinated, not to mention ozonation; The number of attendants is several times smaller than with the traditional method; A small area, and accordingly, significantly fewer capital costs. In these cases, there is no need to build an water treatment system, it is more convenient and more profitable to create stations for a district, a micro-district, a separate complex of houses. All this reduces the cost of drinking water. The scheme of nanofiltration in water supply systems, repair, maintenance is radically changed, and safety and hygiene are increased. This is especially important in the case of epidemics and man-made and natural disasters.Movable complexes for the preparation of drinking water.Frequency technologies are suitable for creating mobile water preparation systems. Movable drinking water preparation complexes are extremely necessary for military units when working in the field, in case of floods, earthquakes, epidemics, accidents at nuclear plants, chemical plants, where there is no centralized water supply system network. The raw material for the preparation of water can be water with a high level of contamination, both bacterial and contamination with chemicals and radionuclides.Softening and desalting of water for thermal and nuclear power plants.The introduction of non-reactive frequency technologies for recharging heating systems and preparing water for boilers of power units will allow excluding the use of reagent farming, storage, preparation of reagent solutions, maintenance and repair of tank farms and pumps. This reduces the cost of nanotechnology in wastewater treatment systems several times. The experience of foreign stations has shown that when using ultra-pure water, the corrosion rate decreases by 10-15 times. Thus, as a result of the application of Frequency Technology, only freshened water can be obtained by purely physical methods, using a variety of easily accessible sources including underground ones, contaminated and saline. “Cold” processes occurring during desalination, the absence of emissions of associated products, processing ensures high environmental safety.Justification of the need to develop the production of desalination plantsEvery third citizen of the world lacks water, or it is of poor quality, 2.3 billion people live in countries that are constantly experiencing water shortages (data of the World Health Organization). According to the Institute of World Resources, in the most difficult situation is the country: Kuwait, where per capita there are only 11m3 of water, Egypt – 43m3 and the United Arab Emirates – 64m3. As pointed out by the World Water Council, residents of poor countries pay for drinking water 12 bases more than residents of the “rich”. The lack of water annually causes the death of 3.4 million people. All these problems can be solved by highly efficient, reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly desalination plants, the demand for which exceeds supply.The technology offered by us (protected by the Russian patent Ru 2112578) does not require large energy costs for evaporation of water, as in existing world technologies, provides a high level of environmental friendliness (thanks to the use of new “cold” technologies for desalination). Small size (2m x 0,5m) and high capacity (400m3 / hour – 9600m3 / day) can significantly expand the consumer water market and meet a considerable demand for both the installation itself and the product they receive.The state of the consumer marketDrinking water is the subject of business. Analysts of the magazine “Fortune” believe that the profit of companies engaged in the sale of freshwater, now reaches 40% of profits of oil companies, exceeds the profit of the pharmaceutical industry and today it reaches 1 trillion. USD per year. At the same time, only 5% of the world’s water resources are now in private hands. The world market of drinking water controls 10 large corporations. The water sales industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world. For example, in 2001. More than 90 billion litres of water were sold in the world. Among the industrialized countries, the most expensive water is in Germany, the cheapest in Canada. The company Watertech has calculated the average cost of 1m3 of water. In Germany, 1m3 of water costs $ 1.91, in France $ 1.23, in Italy $ 0.76, in the US $ 0.51, and in Canada $ 0.40. 6. Brief description of the plant and process of desalination Universal Centrifugal Plant is designed for desalination and purification of sea, river and groundwater. The process of separation of impurities from a liquid medium is based on the vacuum-vortex principle and is a system in which the separation of a mixture into a pure solvent and a residue is organized, due to the distribution of the molecules of the components entering into it according to their frequencies. The productivity is 400m3 – 1500m3. Specific energy costs during the operation of the unit in the nominal operating mode: The hydrodynamic regime is 0.5 kW / hr / m3; The magneto dynamic regime is 0.6 kW / hr / m3. Overall dimensions, mm): The productivity is 0,5 m3 / hour (45x45x45) Performance – 750m3 / hour (1600x1600x1600), Weight – 450kg, The diameter is 600mm.Structure of the water treatment system:Mechanical unit with an evaporation chamber and a system for maintaining the heat balance of liquids.The vortex block. Automatic frequency tuning unit for high-speed vortex pump drive.Remote control and monitoring of the main parameters of the installation.An air-cushioned engine or an electromagnetic filter.NoteTo estimate the parameters of the installation with different nominal capacities, the following data can be used: if the overall dimensions are changed by a factor of two, the performance changes fourfold, and the mass changes eightfold. The main advantages of the new method over other known technologies of desalination:High, in comparison with other methods, is the degree of purification from microparticles.The high degree of desalination of water flow (to distillate)Absence of costs of materials (reagents, filtering materials, etc.) and energy carriers (oil, gas, radioactive materials).Low energy costs (0.5 kW / h per m3).Small dimensions of the installation.Low initial costs (does not require the construction of capital special facilities).The cost price of manufacturing is much less than the cost of known SamplesIt does not require huge premises and alienation of the land for it.High level of ecological safety (an intermediate environmentally hazardous product is not created and not released into the atmosphere, the contaminated product does not accumulate in the soil, etc.).High level of reliability and control.Productivity (from 50m3 / hour to 1500m3 / hour) significantly exceeds the possibilities of obtaining desalinated water by other methods.Absence of moving parts.Universality.Nano filter Solution provides Clean filtered water with the help of a nanotechnology water filter system for Domestic, Agriculture, Animal Farming, Industrial Water requirements. Bulk Supplier of Self-Cleaning Water Filter System. PLEASE VISIT OUR PRODUCTS PAGE TO LEARN MORE!Nano Water Filter System -  Nanofiltration Water Purifier - Nano UV Water Purifier - Nano Water Filter - Nano Filter Water Purifier - Self Cleaning Nano Water Filter - Inline Nano Silver Water Filter Systems -  Magnetic Structured Water Devices - Water Purification System Using Nano Filters

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