What is a self cleaning / self flushing water filter?

Our self cleaning, self-flushing water filter works on a fundamentally new bases. Water goes into the filter around the filter cartridge. Sediments, mechanical impurities etc.. cannot pass inside into the filter cartridge. What is 1 micron or less passes into the filter cartridge and goes out the exit point. the impurities that are around the filter cartridge get flushed out the drainvalve that is on the bottom of the water filter.

Does the drain valve have to be flushed manually from the impurities?

The filter can be flushed manually by hand or an automatic flushing device can be connected instead of the drain valve then a timer can be set when you want the filter to automtically flush.

Does the Serus water filter require electricity?

The filter does not require electricity, But if you will use the filter with the automatic flushing device then yes the automatic flushing operates on electricity from the socket or by batteries.

 Where do i fit the filter?

Depending on the particular case for domestic, commercial or industrial use. For instance if for home use we recommend to install it into the piping system at the point of entry of water to the whole house. This way the benefits will be going for drinking  purposes, shower and all sinks, tea kettle, washing machines will benefit alot as you will get rid of limescale build ups and eventually after time clear out your piping systems from accumilated impurities in the inner walls inside the piping systems.

What if i want to use it for drinking water purposes only?

In this case you can connect it under the sink and have an output small exit point where the water will go.

How do i install the filter?

If you have knowledge to do it yourself its possible and not difficult. If not you can call a local plumber service to come and install for a small fee to have the job done correct.

How do i know which filter i need?

It depends on the capacity per hour and the connection size, FS-1, FS-3 is more for apartments or homes, FS-10 for larger homes and rest filters are more towards commercial and industrial applications.

Depending on the water source you can calculate your average water consumption, for goverment water if you pay for it they show how much you use, When it comes to well water it is usually using a water pump and on the water pump it will include by minute or hour how much water it pumps. 

What makes the Serus water filter different than other filters that are sold in the market?

1. All of our filters are made out of high quality metal such as bronze and medical stainless steel.
2. This filter does not require changing a one time filter cartride, the filter cartridge warranty is for 10 years.
3. Our filters are all patented technology and we are the only company in the World that makes them.
4.The string membrane  filter provides 3 degrees of water purification:

1st stage cleaning. 
Fine mechanical cleaning with string membrane filter element serus provides filtering of microparticles up to 1 micron.
The filter is able to retain hardness salts, dissolved iron salts of organic heavy metals; coax sand of dusty fractions of manganese and other impurities; this significantly improves the organoleptic properties of water (turbidity, color, smell, taste).

2nd step cleaning. 
Bactericidal cleaning - in the serus filters galvanic silver coating technology is used. Water saturated with silver ions inhibits pathogenic bacteria and pathogens of infectious diseases. The bactericidal properties of silver are several times stronger than those of bleach and carbolic acid. More than 400 types of dangerous microflora are inhibited and die under the influence of silver ions. Bactericidal treatment of drinking water using silver effectively destroys bacteria and protects the body from pathogenic microflora.

3rd stage cleaning. 
Biomagnetic treatment using a magnetic converter built into the filter intended for softening water, preventing the appearance of yellowness and scale on household appliances. The magnetic converter ensures the safety of the boiler, washing machine, dishwasher, shower, kitchen, bathroom fixtures and cleanses the previously formed calcium, magnesium and iron deposits.
Changing the structure of water will make it softer and more harmless to household appliances, kettle, washing machine or water heater. Thus, water becomes useful because elements of rust or calcium salts do not enter the human body or the internal walls of household equipment.

What is Magnetic Structured water treatment?

Thanks to the special technology of biomagnetic water treatment with the use of amber and rock crystal, the structure of water molecules and the information embedded in it fundamentally changes. 
The water that passes through the pipelines and this is almost all the water that enters our body is destructured. We drink this water, bathe in it. In our body, any healthy cell, no matter what, is always surrounded by structured water, and every diseased or injured cell is surrounded by unstructured water. The biomagnetic fluid structurer restores the natural life-giving properties of water, returning the correct structure to clusters. 

AMBER is a natural "biostimulator" - it has unique properties for restoring the human biofield.

 Amber has a preventive effect, not giving carcinogens of all possible origins to cause genetic malfunctions. Rhinestone - is used for ultra-fine cleaning, removes free radicals, heavy metal ions. Contributes to the formation of the cluster structure of water. 

Magnetic molecular structurer-growth stimulator is the energy-Converter structure of the liquid that can be applied in all areas of agricultural production. To energy-water treatment device is an active system consisting of a rare earth, PolygraphInter, multipolar magnets in combination with the rhinestone, amber and turmulin.

Located between the magnets, the crystals transmit to the water accumulated in them over millions of years, hyperfine fields, and energy, which are enhanced by magnets that are located around the crystals. 

This magnetic water structurer revitalizes water, which according to numerous clinical trials has a strong regenerative, healing and enhancing effect on the cellular level. Biological treatment allows you to remove all harmful substances – chlorine, lead, copper, heavy metals, bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, parasites, antibiotic residues, poisons, and chemical fertilizers. This simple and reliable method gives us a really useful water, which can quench the thirst of each cell and each nucleus of the cells of any living organism. Water will have a high, stable and biologically valuable quality.

Water Filter Capacity of 1000 LPH to 300000 LPH

Anti Scaling Filter - Non-Electric Filter - No Chemicals Use - No Cartridge Change - No Clogging Filter - Hard Water Filter System - Hard Water Softener System

Non-Electric Water Purifier ✔Zero Maintenance ✔Anti Scaling Pipe Protection ✔Protect Pipes & Boilers Corrosion ✔Hard Water Softener ✔Removes Bacteria & Most Viruses ✔Remove Iron & Sediments ✔Remove Suspended Solids ✔Provides Clean & Reusable Water ✔Protect Environment Remove Solvents and Microbial contaminants

✔ Remove Iron & Sediments  ✔ Remove Suspended Solids  ✔ Remove Lead  ✔ Remove Copper  ✔ Remove Nitrate  ✔ Protect Pipes & Boilers Corrosion   ✔ Remove  Fluoride 
✔ Remove  Selenium  ✔ Remove  Manganese 
✔ Remove  Uranium  ✔ Remove  Chromium 
✔ Remove  Coliform  ✔ Remove Radium 
✔ Remove  Cryptosporidium  ✔ Remove  Disinfectant byproducts    ✔ Remove Arsenic  
✔ Remove Pesticides  ✔ Remove Solvents and Microbial Contaminants

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# ZERO Maintenance # NO Electricity Required
# 10 YEAR Guarantee #Self Cleaning Filter # EASY To Clean Filter Without Any Help # Protect Disease 
# Good Health # High Energy Level
# Good Taste  # Better Smell # No Chemicals # Pipe Scale Prevention # Silver Nano Particles Technology

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