Magnetic Therapy Health Device | Bio Energy Anti Radiation Health Card


The health card is a device for bio resonant magnetic therapy. Is a unique development of a group of Russian scientists based on the achievements of quantum physics.

As part of the device bioactive in its properties, a magnetic system consisting of poly gradient, multipolar, rare earth magnets in combination with crystals of rock crystal and amber.

Mitochondria are the only source of cell energy and are comparable to "batteries" that produce, store and distribute the energy necessary for the cell. Human cells contain an average of 1500 mitochondria. Due to the presence of their own DNA, they reproduce and live their lives, regardless of cell division.

One of the main functions of mitochondria is the synthesis of ATP, a universal form of chemical energy in any living cell. Cells can not function without mitochondria, without them life is not possible.

The Health Card is the ideal "recharging" for the mitochondria.


 Creates an active protective field.
 Enhances natural electromagnetism.
Synchronizes our vital rhythms with the magnetic field of the Earth.
Increases and harmonizes the surrounding human aura.
Protects against external dangerous electromagnetic emissions (mobile phone, computer, wi-fi, microwave oven and so on
 Removes a little-known, extremely dangerous disease of the XXI century - electromagnetic allergy.
Eliminates the impact of pathogenic zones.

Normalizes and strengthens the immune system.
 Provides constant suppression and death of harmful, pathogenic microbes, viruses, bacteria.
Stimulates the removal of toxins from the human body.
Has a purifying effect on the circulatory system of man.
Activates the work of the nervous system, improves memory.
Accelerates the processes of recovery of the liver and biliary tract.
Activates the activity of the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract.
Promotes the burning of excess fatty deposits.
Helps improve sleep and relieve stress.


1. Have a beneficial effect on all human organs and systems 
2. Increase immunity, improve reaction speed, endurance.
3. Promotes brain activity, its fastest 5% recovery.
4. Removes from the body toxins and salts of heavy metals.
5. Effective in the treatment of radiation injuries.
6. Increase the radio-protector properties of the body.
7. Normalize metabolic processes in the body.
8. Effective in the treatment of diabetes mellitus.
9. Effective in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
10. Normalize the intestinal microflora.
11. Effective in the treatment of gastritis, stomach ulcers and 12 duodenum.
12. Prolonged hepatoprotective and choleretic properties.
13. Effective in the treatment of chronic foci of infection in the bile and urinary tract, dysbiosis of extensive wounds.
14. Effective in the regeneration of musculoskeletal tissue, enhance the processes of granulation and epithelialization.
15. Effective in the treatment of skin diseases, gangrene burns and open wounds.
16. Used in the treatment of tuberculosis.
17. Effective in the treatment and prevention of colds.
18. Used in urological and gynaecological practice.
19. Effective in the treatment of infertility in men and women.
20. Have a pronounced anti-stress effect. They help to increase morale, physical strength, endurance, endurance and patience.
21. Slow down the ageing process.
22. Correction of the parameters of cellular and humoral immunity is carried out.
23. Have a restorative and tonic effect.
24. Indicated for the prevention and treatment of cancer.
25. Used in sports medicine.
26. They are used in cosmetology.

WATER (heavy and light)

It would seem that there is no particular difference in what kind of water to choose for drinking - all the labels of modern bottled water cry out to us about complete safety, clean composition, and natural processing. However, the difference exists and is very significant. What it is, humanity first learned only in 1932.

If the chemical formula of water, H2O, is known to every schoolboy today, in reality, this applies only to 99.7% of the substance. 0.03% is the isotope deuterium, D20, which in its pure form is disastrous for all living things. And even such a small percentage of the substance in the liquid that we drink has an extremely negative impact on the human body.

Comparing the properties of light and heavy water visually, it is impossible to distinguish them. The water containing deuterium, heavy water, looks and smells quite the same as the lung, it does not differ to taste, but this difference is felt by our body. Heavy water slows down any reactions, and accumulates over time, this isotope reduces the rate of metabolic processes, which leads to faster ageing of the body and leads to the onset of diseases, including cancer.

What is light water?
Strictly speaking, it is water consisting only of light hydrogen atoms (protium) and oxygen atoms-16. Such water is called protein water. Getting it even in the most modern laboratories in its pure form is not easy.

In the pure form of light water does not exist in nature. The lightest water on Earth, formed as a result of natural atmospheric processes, is glacial water in Antarctica.

What is heavy water?
Water, formed by heavy atoms of hydrogen or oxygen, is deuterium atoms or oxygen-17 and oxygen-18 atoms. In general, we must bear in mind that all these are different types of water. At the same time, they differ greatly in their physical and biological properties from light water.

Differences between heavy and light water are revealed at the quantum level.

Drinking water, partially purified from deuterium, allows to significantly increases the resistance of the organism to damaging effects of various nature (chemical poisons, carcinogens, radiation) and reduces the risk of diseases associated with ageing, especially oncological diseases and diabetes.

The distinctive properties of light water with a restored structure provide the physiological value of this most important liquid:

- negative oxidative potential, which carries additional energy to the cells of a living organism;

- slightly alkaline pH, corresponding to the structure of the intercellular and intracellular fluid;

- reduced surface tension, beneficial effect on metabolic rate

-provision of antioxidant protection of cells

The HEALTH CARE is the liquid structure, i.e. converter "light water" from "heavy water" at home.

To maintain the body in a tone, for excellent health and improve health, drink light water, purified from heavy isotopes with the help of the HEALTH CARE. To do this, a glass of water is enough to put on the CARD OF HEALTH for 10-15 minutes.

Nano filter Solution is the Supplier of Clean filtered water with a nanotechnology water filter system used for Domestic, Agriculture, Animal Farming, Industrial Water cleaning purposes.




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