Whole House Water Purification System


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The universal water treatment complex FSM-2 (for under the sink use) is designed for purification of drinking water from the finest mechanical suspensions, practically from all known contaminants, bacteria and viruses, chlorine-containing substances, and other impurities, softening, the final solution of the scale problem. For an apartment, a country house, a cottage, a restaurant, a school, children's institutions.

It is recommended for regions with water, characterized by normal and high content of hardness salts (including regions with super-hard water), normal and increased content of dissolved iron, heavy metals. In particular, the system is effective when used in regions with unfavourable ecological conditions (large cities, industrial centres).

Provides universal purification of tap water from common contaminants: mechanical impurities (rust, salt, sand, etc.), dissolved impurities such as free chlorine, organochlorine compounds, pesticides, herbicides, agricultural fertilizers and their decay products, phenols, petroleum products, aluminium, heavy metals, radioactive elements, dissolved iron, hardness salts and other organic and inorganic substances, bacteria and viruses. Softens water and completely solves the problem of scale. Eliminates unpleasant odours, improves the taste of water. The filter set FSM-2 already includes cartridges, a separate tap for purified water and everything necessary for quick installation of the filter in the field.

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# Good Health # High Energy Level
# Good Taste  # Better Smell 
# Scale Prevention # Silver NanoParticles Water Technology

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The heart of the system is the newest string-membrane filter element of the new generation of high-alloyed stainless steel produced in Russia for aircraft and space vehicles. Thanks to the string-membrane mechanism working with the built-in magnetic water structure, an unmatched quality of mechanical cleaning up to 1 micron are achieved. Until recently, such parameters of mechanical cleaning for contamination were simply unattainable in non-cartridge-type household systems.

String-membrane filter element not only cleans from mechanical contaminants but is guaranteed to protect the water passing through the filter element from all kinds of pathogens of infections.

In addition, Our string-membrane mechanism belongs to the class of low-pressure membranes, which allows it to be used successfully even in conditions of low pressure in the water supply. The system is operable at an input pressure of 1 atmosphere. The high speed of water filtration also contributes to saving time. For washing a string-membrane mechanism, no more than 1-2% of the water from the consumed water in the tap is required.

The filter element serves for at least 10 years and does not require replacement or repair during its entire service life.

Nano filter Solution provides Clean filtered water with the help of a nanotechnology water filter system for Domestic, Agriculture, Animal Farming, Industrial Water requirements. Bulk Supplier of Self-Cleaning Water Filter System.

Connection size- 1/2 "or DN15
Capacity - 800 litres per hour
Minimum water pressure- 1 atm
Maximum water pressure- 8 atm
Maximum temperature- 40 ° C
Filtration fineness- 0.5 micron
Dimensions (mm) 450x350x120
Approximate Weight 6.5 kg
Whole House Water Purification System

Operating principle
Water after the complex FSM-2:
-Normalizes the human immune system.
-Improves cerebral circulation.
-Normalizes biorhythms of the brain, central nervous system, and a number of endocrine organs.
-Protects a person from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and man-made smog.
-Improves the mood, endurance, and adaptability of people to the impact of adverse environmental factors
-Provides for the progressive suppression and death in the human body of viruses, pathogenic bacteria, and worms.
-Promotes normalization of intestinal microflora.

The connection set, which is equipped with the FSM-2 water treatment complex, makes it easy to install it for any plumbing in any locality.

The complex is connected permanently with a tee and a drain valve to the cold water pipe at the water consumption point (usually under the kitchen sink, or on the wall next to the sink), with a single tap for purified water leading up to the top, also can be connected to an existing tap, in this case, when the cold water is opened, purified water will flow in the tap. In this case, tap water first passes through a mechanical filter. Then it is fed to the final cleaning with ion-exchange resin and carbon fibre, where the organoleptic parameters are brought to a high level.

On the first flask, the greatest purification of water takes place on 99% of all mechanical impurities, including most bacteria, and requires regularly flushing the dirty water into the drain by opening a tap at the bottom of the drain valve.

Then, purified water is supplied through the tap when the tap is opened at a rate of 13 litres per minute.

The 1st filter flask serves for fine mechanical cartridge less cleaning up to 1 micron and pathogenic bacteria (most bacteria are larger than 1 micron). Silver string, wound on the filter element allows to get rid of bacteria in the flask during filtration and with the next washing are removed together with mechanical impurities into the sewage system. Another function is implemented in the first flask - the structuring of water due to amber, rhinestone, and the magnetic system included in the filter element kit. It makes water structured, easy, and useful for the human body.

The 2nd filter flask is designed to soften the water (remove excess salts of hardness), make the water soft, remove completely scaling in heating appliances such as tea kettle and improve the taste of water.

The 3rd flask - the final cleaning of water removes chemical contamination.

Removes chlorine, cleans water from a wide range of organic substances and inorganic dissolved impurities (free chlorine, organochlorine compounds, pesticides, petroleum products, heavy metals, other organic and inorganic compounds), eliminates the unpleasant smell of water, improves its taste. Improves the organoleptic characteristics of water. It makes water not only clean from harmful impurities but also delicious and transparent.

Materials -  When operating the SERUS FSM-2 water filter in a house or an apartment with a family of 3-4 people, the cartridges need to be changed once a year.

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